What is Ceramic Fiber?

Ceramic fibre products are types of Alumina-Silicate fiber refractories, generally produced by melting and blowing high purity Kaolin melt or usually pure Alumina and Silica powders, in arc furnaces. Consequence fibres are white in colour, noncrystalline and glassy. They can be used as different types of thermal insulations in a wide range of applications, up to 1400ºC.

Features of Ceramic Fiber

- Light weight

- Thermal stability

- Application as fire protection

- Excellent thermal insulating performance

- High resistance to thermal shock

- Low thermal conductivity

- Low heat storage

- Quick and simple installation

- Removable insulating blankets

- Capability of fabricate shaped refractories

- Excellent sound absorption

- High corrosion resistance

- Resistant to most alkalines and acids

- Chemical stability

- A suitable replacement for asbestos


Iron & Steel Industries

- Hot-face lining for heat-treatment furnaces

- Back-up insulation for reheating furnaces

- Annealing furnace cover seals

- Covering casting nozzles

Non ferrous  Industries

- Melting furnace lining

- Holding furnace lining

- Investment casting molds wrappings

- Seals between sections of metal pouring equipment

- Filtration medium for separating nitrides & oxides from metal melts

- Filtration medium for separating slag from melts


Oil/Petrochemical Industries

- Boilers & heating centers

- Catalyst base and filter parts in refining hot gases

- Boiler header insulation

- High-temperature filtration of gases & liquids

- Reactors & cat crackers

- Burners insulation


Ceramic and Tile Industries

- Expansion joints and seals

- Lining of elevator furnaces and firing wagons

- Brick factories

Chemical Industries

- Reformer and  cracker furnaces linings

- Filtration & catalyst carrier medium for radioactive particles

- High temperature sealing materials

Aluminum Industries

- Insulation for crucibles, canals and roofs of melting furnaces

Glass Industries

- Repairing fused cast bricks

Transportation Industries

- Acoustical & thermal insulation

- Brake friction pad

- Catalytic converters & exhaust pipe insulation

General Engineering

- Acoustic insulation of gas turbines

- Acoustic insulation of diesel engine exhausts

- Flexible high-temperature pipe insulation

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